CW 449

Tom Schrijvers, Neng-Fa Zhou, Bart Demoen
A compilation schema from Constraint Handling Rules into Action Rules


CHR is a popular high-level language for implementing constraint solvers and other general purpose applications. It has a well-established operational semantics and quite a number of different implementations, prominently in Prolog. However, there is still much room for exploring the compilation of CHR to Prolog. Nearly all implementations rely on attributed variables. In this paper, we explore a different implementation target for CHR: B-Prolog's Action Rules (ARs). As a rule-based language, it is a good match for particular aspects of CHR. However, the strict adherence to CHR's refined operational semantics poses some difficulty. We report on our work in progress: a novel compilation schema, required changes to the AR language and the preliminary benchmarks and experiences.

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