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Articles in internationally reviewed journals

6 references
  • Beckers, Sander; Vennekens, Joost. The Transitivity and Asymmetry of Actual Causation, Ergo, an Open Access Journal of Philosophy, issue accepted, 2017 (Accepted) PDF BibTeX
  • Berendt, Bettina; Verbeke, Mathias; d'Haenens, Leen; Opgenhaffen, MichaĆ«l. Critical news reading with Twitter? Exploring data mining practices and their impact on societal discourse, Communications: the European Journal of Communication Research, volume 42, issue 4, 2017 (Accepted) intranet BibTeX
  • Guns, Tias; Dries, Anton; Nijssen, Siegfried; Tack, Guido; De Raedt, Luc. MiningZinc: A declarative framework for constraint-based mining, Artificial Intelligence, volume 244, pages 6-29, 2017 DOI PDF BibTeX
  • Keller, Andreas; Gerkin, Richard C.; Guan, Yuanfang; Dhurandhar, Amit; Turu, Gabor; Szalai, Bence; Mainland, Joel D.; Ihara, Yusuke; Yu, Chung Wen; Wolfinger, Russ; Vens, Celine; Schietgat, Leander; De Grave, Kurt; Norel, Raquel; DREAM Olfaction Prediction Consortium, ; Stolovitzky, Gustavo; Cecchi, Guillermo; Vosshall, Leslie B.; Meyer, Pablo. Predicting human olfactory perception from chemical features of odor molecules, Science, 2017 (Accepted) intranet BibTeX
  • Lemaire, Laurens; Vossaert, Jan; Jansen, Joachim; Naessens, Vincent. A Logic-Based Framework for the Security Analysis of Industrial Control Systems, Automatic Control and Computer Sciences, 2017 (Accepted) PDF BibTeX
  • Van Hertum, Pieter; Dasseville, Ingmar; Janssens, Gerda; Denecker, Marc. The KB paradigm and its application to interactive configuration, Theory and Practice of Logic Programming, volume 17, issue 1, pages 75-90, 2017 DOI PDF BibTeX


Article in book, internationally recognised scientific publisher

1 reference
  • Kordjamshidi, Parisa; van Otterlo, Martijn; Moens, Marie-Francine. Spatial role labeling annotation scheme, Pustejovsky, James; Ide, Nancy (eds.), Handbook of Linguistic Annotation, Springer Verlag, 2017 (Accepted) PDF BibTeX


Papers at international conferences and symposia, published in full in proceedings

1 reference
  • Decroos, Tom; Dzyuba, Vladimir; Van Haaren, Jan; Davis, Jesse. Predicting soccer highlights from spatio-temporal match event streams, Proceedings of the Thirty-First AAAI Conference on Artificial Intelligence, AAAI Conference on Artificial Intelligence, San Francisco, California, USA, 4-9 February 2017 (Accepted) PDF BibTeX


Meeting abstracts, presented at international conferences and symposia

3 references
  • Keuchel, Steven; Marntirosian, Klara; Schrijvers, Tom. NEEDLE & KNOT: A framework for meta-theoretical specifications with binding, Workshop on Type Theory Based Tools, Paris, France, 15 January 2017 (Accepted) PDF BibTeX
  • Kimmig, Angelika; De Raedt, Luc. Probabilistic logic programs: Unifying program trace and possible world semantics, Workshop on probabilistic programming semantics, Paris, France, 17 January 2017 (Accepted) PDF BibTeX
  • Mertes, Gert; Croonenborghs, Tom; Vanrumste, Bart; Hallez, Hans. Towards detection of chewing motion in the elderly using a glasses mounted accelerometer, International Conference on Biomedical and Health Informatics (BHI 2017), Orlando, USA, Feb. 2017 BibTeX



2 references
  • Devriendt, Jo. Exploiting Symmetry in Model Expansion for Predicate and Propositional Logic, PhD thesis, Informatics Section, Department of Computer Science, Faculty of Engineering Science, February 2017, 168 pages, Denecker, Marc (supervisor) PDF BibTeX
  • Le Van, Thanh. Rank Matrix Factorisation and its Applications, PhD thesis, Informatics Section, Department of Computer Science, Faculty of Engineering Science, January 2017, De Raedt, Luc (supervisor) , Marchal, Kathleen and Nijssen, Siegfried (cosupervisors) PDF BibTeX


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